Customized Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that help to bring all your financial pieces together and address your multigenerational wealth needs. We’ll help you set financial goals, develop a road map, and implement the necessary tools and strategies to manage each stage of wealth management.


Harness your potential to accumulate wealth.

We aim to construct a solid financial base sufficient to pursue your financial objectives. We will help you determine your asset allocation needs and better understand your risk tolerance. Then, we’ll recommend the appropriate investment solutions to help you pursue your most important goals.


Retirement Planning

We have helped hundreds of clients retire comfortably and confidently. Let us help you get retirement ready and make certain you have a sustainable income stream to fund the retirement lifestyle you envision.


Employer-Sponsored Plans

Company-sponsored 401(k) plans and pension plans offer tax-advantaged ways to save for retirement.


Individual Retirement Account (IRAs)

Whether set up individually or through an employer, IRAs provide favorable tax incentives.


Personal Savings

We help you build upon your existing personal savings strategy to fill in the gaps in your retirement savings.


Executive Deferral Plans

Business owners or executives may have access to other tax-advantaged retirement savings vehicles to address their needs.

Estate Planning

Having a proper estate plan in place can help with the transfer of wealth, minimization of taxes, charitable giving, and asset protection during your life, as well as for your loved ones after you are gone. We’ll help you preserve your estate for your intended heirs, establish beneficiary designations, and reduce potential exposure to estate taxes and probate costs.

We’ll create a master plan for the management of your assets.


Risk Management

Identify your options for handling risk.

You’ve worked hard to accumulate wealth and build a legacy, so it makes sense to help protect what you have created. Our risk management solutions can help you mitigate risk by exploring asset protection strategies, business risk management, and appropriate insurance coverage to address your needs.

Fixed insurance products and services are separate from and not offered through Commonwealth Financial Network. 

Taxation Planning

We specialize in bringing a critically important tax-efficient focus to your total financial plan. Every recommendation we make takes into consideration the impact that taxes can have on your ability to pursue your goals.


Investment Tax Planning

We will evaluate how to position your assets to help minimize taxes. This is best accomplished with year-round tax planning.


Evolving Tax Laws

We help minimize the tax burdens you face by understanding your circumstances and navigating the changing tax laws.

Murphy Matza Wealth Management does not provide legal or tax advice. You should consult a legal or tax professional regarding your individual situation. 

Business Planning

Sound planning for business owners and entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve invested so much of your time, energy, and assets into your business. We’ll help you plan and manage your business through its lifecycle with risk management solutions, ownership distribution strategies, and succession planning that is best suited to your needs.


Measure Your Risk Tolerance

We use innovative technology to better understand your comfort with investment risk. It’s called Riskalyze® and it helps to make sure your portfolio aligns with your needs. Use the button below to complete a quiz that covers your financial goals and what you’re willing to risk for potential gains. You’re going to love how understanding your risk number empowers you as an investor.